Our Partners

Partnerships and collaborations with our customers in the restaurant industry has helped us and is helping us grow and succeed through this reciprocal relationship. We are constantly learning and adapting our mats in line with what the market and ultimately our most important customer, the kids actually want. Through working closely with our partners we can create a product that both interests and engages our customers and makes their dining experience more pleasurable and fulfilling for all those involved.

SmartMats not only represent the restaurant brand but they help to build it, encouraging repeat visits and increased customer loyalty. Kids will want to come back to your restaurant for the next SmartMats instalment and follow the progress of their favourite characters on our co-branded website.

Be Smart… try us!

Process and Choices

1: Pick a SmartMat from our library of pre-designed kid’s placemats.

2: Pick a SmartMat and add your menu to the back.

3: Pick and adapt an existing SmartMat with your menu, branding and name.

Commission your completely bespoke SmartMat. Working alongside our design team creating characters and activities in line with your marketing plan.

Please be in touch for more information about collaborations and using SmartMats in your restaurant.