Meet Mimi & Bobo – age 4


Mimi loves to sing and loves her best friend who is a purple, cuddly mammoth

Bobo loves eating bananas and his best friend is a cute green, cuddly mammoth

Mimi and Bobo will take you to their favourite place…. the farmyard. They have so much fun playing hide and seek with all the animals.

Bobo loves bananas and can’t wait to introduce you to lots of nutritious, yummy fruits and vegetables. Mimi and Bobo will learn the alphabet and numbers from 1-10 with you. Can’t wait!

Meet Sunny & Coco – age 6

Sunny loves collecting rocks. He has a huge collection and can’t wait to show it to you. He has just started learning to play the saxophone. His pet is a diplodocus called Dippy who goes exploring and rock hunting with him. He really enjoys reading.. especially books about dinosaurs!

Coco loves swimming and dancing. She plays the drums and is in a rock band with Sunny. Her favourite pastime is looking under rocks for insects and especially loves butterflies.

Come on a dinosaur trek with Sunny where you can meet and learn about lots of different dinosaurs. Then you can go on an archeological dig with Sunny exploring fossils. Coco will take you through the seasons learning about the weather and seasonal changes. Both Sunny and Coco want to learn the 5 and 10 times table and doubling and tripling. This will come in use when  counting and organising their collection of rocks and insects.

Meet Rex & Liv – age 9

Rex loves music. Especially rock music! He is never without his headphones. He spends his time skateboarding and collecting fossils. His main interest is space travel. He loves designing and making rockets trying to explore the universe for himself.

Liv also wants to explore the universe. She enjoys learning and reading about planets and ancient stars. Liv also loves gymnastics. When she is older she would love to write books but for now she writes her daily activities and star gazing finds in her pink diary.

Come and explore outer space with Rex and Liv! Build a satellite dish using their knowledge of fractions and decimals and design a spaceship out of an alien environment.

Sport is a favourite activity and plays a large part in Rex and Liv’s life. Rex really enjoys playing football so help Rex design a new football kit. Knowledge of time and distance is important and very helpful when playing and enjoying various sports. This is especially useful for both Liv and Rex when running and swimming.  Come and play!